What are Avatar Transfers?

Imagine an inexpensive foreign telemarketing agent who can pass, on the phone, for a 40-year-old Wall Street pro. Now imagine that his services are available for one-fifth the cost of his American counterpart.

Welcome to Avatar Transfers

Avatar marketing Agents are actual individual agents that easily pose as whoever you would like them to be, a Wall Street Executive, an intellectual, youthful, witty & charming, or established and wordy.

Avatar Agents do exactly what American telemarketing representatives can do at 1/5th the cost and typically double or triple or more of the production.

Avatar marketing agents are the face and introduction of your company. They are consistently consistent. They represent you cheerfully, and professionally each time they have the opportunity to represent your company to a potential customer.

About Your Team

Your marketing team is in fact owned by our Avatar Transfer Company. We are technically the employer. Your team consists of multiple layers of management, quality control, Avatar Agents, voice talent, call center managers, & team leaders. Each agent works on only one campaign and they are hired and trained to work specifically on your campaign. We believe that multitasking is over rated and we are expected to do one thing only and do it well. Each agent has on going training and goals that they are expected to achieve in order to maintain the success of your project. While your project is a success it is a direct reflection on our agents.

Please note that we manage each campaign separately to ensure its success, communication is requested between your office and your team daily as they are a direct extension of your company. We manage this communication generally via. Skype Texting or Skype Voice.

Our mission is to build and manage a hard-driving, diligent sales team for each client. These teams are overseen by dedicated managers and QC (quality control) agents. Avatar relationships are long-term.

Our  Avatar Transfer team will be intensely responsive to your project and will  communicate as often as necessary with their dedicated team managers to ensure its success.

How Does It Work?

We break the perfect sales pitch for your product into sound bytes. We do the same with common responses to prospects, such as ”That’s a great question” or ”Can I transfer you?” We then assign each sound bite to a button on our patented sound board. Our rapid-fire predictive dialers call your leads and the magic happens when a prospect answers: instead of speaking directly to the prospects, our agents merely listen and then let the Avatar talk for them by pushing the appropriate soundboard buttons. For example, the prospect says hello and our agent pushes the ”greeting” button. At that moment, the prospect hears (in perfect American, Canadian, British, Irish, or Australian English), “Hello, this is Jonathan White, how are you today?” As the prospect and the Avatar agent converse, the Avatar agent continues to press the appropriate buttons to advance the sale. The agents are fluent in English and prospects never hear foreign accents.

What Kind Of Reporting Is Available?

Avatar has extensive reporting capabilities. All calls are recorded (including those of fronters, external transfers and client closers) so that lead quality can be tracked easily Avatar transfers per hour per agent and total transfers per team are tracked graphically for fast trend analysis. On the predictive dialer side, many other reports are available for review, including but not limited to total calls, wait time, and log-in time.

How Do We Start?

All projects take between 4-7 business days to start. We start by recording your script, and breaking it into manageable sound bytes. We program the agent stations while hiring and training your staff for your particular project. All projects launch on Mondays and run from Monday to Saturday.

We observe all U.S. Telemarketing Laws and encourage all our clients to be compliant.