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  -The FPM Group

Travel Opening Script Statements


Business Name: Orlando Vacation Planning Center

Names to insert: Chad Ellis/Anna Gordon




This is Chad/Anna, how are you today?

My name is Chad Ellis/Anna Gordon

Chad Ellis/Anna Gordon

I’m calling from the Orlando Vacation Planning Center

Orlando Vacation Planning Center


I’m doing fine. Thanks for asking

That’s good to hear

Sorry to hear that. Maybe I can make your day better

Intro 1: The reason for my call is we’re looking for qualified travelers who want to save up to 80% on their next vacation. We’re calling with a very exclusive offer for you and your loved ones to join us as an invited guest to view one of our incredible resorts, we have over 8 destinations to choose from, but today I would like to focus first on our most popular vacation destinations: Las Vegas, NV or Orlando, FL. Do either of these locations interest you for a great vacation?

Intro 2: Ok – I understand….We have 6 other incredible locations to offer you. Would you like to hear more our other vacation destinations available to YOU today?

Additional Questions

Dest: The other destinations are Williamsburg, VA, Branson, MO, Sedona AZ and Scottsdale, AZ, Palm Springs and Lake Tahoe, CA. Does one of these amazing locations interest you?

Catch: Well, in order to secure this package we would need a commitment from you today. Ok?

Price: Great question let me tell you more about this wonderful opportunity! Ok?

Number: You were selected as an avid vacationer that is interested in taking advantage of a highly-discounted promotional package. After all, we all need vacations to stay happy and healthy-

Intro Pitch: The offer is simple….. Here’s how it works…You get a discounted 4 day and 3 night getaway today for only TBD. This is not per person or per night, but for your entire stay and includes all taxes and fees. In addition, if you travel within the next 5 months we will include a bonus gift of either a $100 VISA gift card or a cruise to the Bahamas or Mexico for 3 nights. The total retail value of this offer is well over $ 700; and you choose which additional travel gift you want provided you travel in the next five months.

Questions post-pitch: Any questions you may have concerning this offer will be answered when I transfer you to a travel specialist in a moment.                 

Qualify Transition: I just need to ask you a few qualifying questions for this great vacation, fair enough?

[on a separate button]

Qualifying Questions:

  1. Are you over the age of 25? (If YES, Continue to Qualify)
  2. Nowadays, almost all resorts require credit cards. Do you have a credit card that you can use while on the trip?(If YES, Continue to Qualify)
  3. Is your household income at least 50 thousand dollars a year?(If YES, Continue to Qualify)
  4. And last question…I promise you’ve been fortunate to not have had a bankruptcy in the last 2 years right?


Transfer: Great, you do qualify!. Now I’m going to place you on a brief hold to connect you with one of our travel specialists. I’ll stay on the line to make sure you’re connected, so please hold on. Okay?​​


NQ: Unfortunately at this time you do not qualify. I appreciate your time have a wonderful day.