“We believe knowledge is power…the more your sales team knows our agents process…the higher the success rate!”

  -The FPM Group

VA Mortgage Script!

Hi my name is__________________ I’m calling from the Mortgage Center Department. We are currently reaching out to homeowners in your area to notify you about the new programs available to VA homeowners that have adjustable rates or rates above 4.5%. Our records show that these programs can help you!

  1. What is the current rate you hold at the moment (Fixed or Adjustable)?
  2. And we have the loan balance being at (verify balance)
  3. If you were to put your home on the market how much would you say that it is worth?
  4. How would you rate your credit?
  5. Are you still up to date on your payments?

***Great! Hold the line while I connect you to a VA Specialist that can pull up some numbers to discuss with you. ***