Our Services


Inbound Live Transfers

What if your sales team could spend all their time closing deals, instead of prospecting? Our US call center can provide your sales team with a steady flow of pre-qualified prospects, dramatically increasing efficiency and giving your team higher conversion rates, which in turn motivates your people to sell with complete enthusiasm.  Let us do the grunt work while your people concentrate on sales & growth.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail has always been a high quality lead.  The trick is understanding the timing and delivery in regards to response rates.  With our experience and data we are better equipped to predict the incoming calls and provide your sales team with a steady flow of qualified prospects.  We also provide call tracking and recordings for all the incoming calls from the mailer.

Demographic Targeting

Whether you are looking for business or consumer data we can help.  Our demographic targeting provides our clients a cost efficient solution to increase their sales from within.  We supply custom qualifiers to meet our clients’ needs.

Avatar Solutions

The future is here.  Combining a true telemarketing lead with state of the art software and you get Avatar Solutions.  Avatar agents do exactly what American telemarketing representatives can do at one fifth the cost and typically double or triple in production.  They are consistently consistent.  Each agent works on only one campaign and they are hired and trained to work specially your campaign. Learn more.

Why Work With FPM

With over 30 years of experience The FPM Group prides itself on building long lasting business relationships with our clients.  Our focal point has been finding a profitable solution to meet the ever changing landscape.  By understanding and listening to our clients we are able to use our cutting edge technology and experience to bridge the gap between consumer and sales.