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  -The FPM Group

Reverse Mortgage Script

Hello, may I please speak to (#FirstName#) (#LastName#)?

This is (Your Name) from American Mortgage Connection.

Hi Mr/Mrs. _______, this is _______.  How are you today?  Great.  Our records indicate that you may be pre-qualified for an amazing, new federally funded program, which can immediately stop and eliminate your monthly mortgage payments or get you cash out to pay off any debts, medical bills or any other expenses you may have.  This is tax free and will NOT affect any of your benefits!  Ok.

Would you like a quick quote? My senior mortgage specialist is standing by to explain your options in detail; I just need to confirm some basic information first.

a) Confirm home value (over $100k+)
b) Confirm loan balance (Loan To Value must be less than 50%)

1.) If homeowner has a balance remaining on their loan ask them if they are current on the mortgage payment.

  1. c) Confirm customer is over 62 years old
  2. d) Confirm home is a Single Family Residence and not a condo, or mobile/manufactured home?
[If all Reverse criteria are met]
  • Good news, @Customer.first_name@, it looks like you will probably qualify for one of our reverse mortgage programs. Please hold while I connect you to a Mortgage Specialist who can explain your options in detail.
  • (Complete conference and disposition based on which client was contacted)

Great, (#FirstName#)! Looks like you will probably qualify for one of our specialized mortgage programs. Grab a pen and paper while I get my senior loan specialist on the line, it will just take a moment.