“We believe knowledge is power…the more your sales team knows our agents process…the higher the success rate!”

  -The FPM Group

Tax Campaign Outbound Script

Hello, this is @Agent.full_name@ from Tax Relief Helpline! How are you today?

The Tax Relief Helpline assists callers who are interested in reducing their IRS debt and connecting with one of our

partners. If you owe $10,000 or more to the IRS or State, our partners may be able to help you negotiate with the

IRS and possibly pay less.


If Caller is interested:

Okay great.  I am going to confirm some basic information before transferring you over to one of our senior tax

1) Could you go ahead and confirm your first and last names for me, please.

2) Could you also go ahead and confirm your tax debt amount and whether it is owed to FEDERAL or STATE.

-Must be 10k or more to qualify.

3) Do you currently have a source of income?

Transfer Numbers:


If Caller is NOT interested:

Thank you for your time! We will remove you from our list. Have a great day!