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  -The FPM Group

Solar Script

Good afternoon! May I please speak to (customer name)?

Hi (Customer Name) my name is (your name) and I am calling in regards to your property on (street name)


Now the reason for my call was because our records indicated that you may qualify for a new statewide discount in efforts to reduce your monthly electric bill called the Solar Initiative AND As a responsible homeowner, you may also be eligible to receive an entire solar panel system, set up and installed, with absolutely no out of pocket expense. Are you familiar with Solar Energy? Ever looked into it at all?

Great! I’m sure your aware that Solar energy is without a doubt the least expensive way to conduct electricity today, and now with the help of the Solar Initiative the initial cost of obtaining the panels and the labor involved to actually install the equipment is no longer an issue. What this means to you is an immediate reduction in your electricity bill anywhere between 30-50% depending on the layout of your home.

Now, not everyone qualifies for the zero out of pocket program, and that’s exactly what my job is, to simply see if you qualify. I just have a few simple questions to ask to know for sure if you qualify.

  • We had you at (customer’s address), is that correct address?
  • Perfect, and that’s a single family residence, right? Not a condo, townhome, or mobile home?
  • And you are the homeowner, correct? (no renters)
  • Ok great, and over the course of a year, taking into accounts the highs and lows of summer and winter, what would you say you average monthly electric bill runs you? (must be over $100)
  • And is that total only for your electric bill, or does that include other utilities like gas, water, or trash? (get only the electricity portion of their bill)
  • Are you currently on D-Care, or do you receive any sort of discount on your electricity bill?
  • And (customer name), due to the nature of this program we do require that homeowners are good standing with both their home and their credit. Would you say that your credit score exceeds 680?
  • Perfect, and who is your current electricity provider?
  • Ok great, and the last question I have for you is, do you have any large trees or any other objects obstructing your roof from receiving sunlight? (check Google maps if questionable)

Outstanding! So it does look like you ARE qualified for the ZERO out of pocket program.

I am going to get a technician on the line with us and they will go over your options. Okay? (WFR)

When client picks up thank them for their time and excuse yourself off the phone.