“We believe knowledge is power…the more your sales team knows our agents process…the higher the success rate!”

  -The FPM Group

Debt Script

Rep: Thank you for calling the debt resolution center today. Are you interested in reducing your credit card debt? Must Be Yes

Rep: Great before I transfer you to a senior debt specialist I just have a couple of qualifying questions:

Rep: Do you have over $10,000 in unsecured credit card debt? Must be Yes Includes:

  1. credit card debt,
  2. department store card debt,
  3. medical bills IN COLLECTIONS
  4. vet bills IN COLLECTIONS
  5. dental bills IN COLLECTIONS
  6. past due utility bills IN COLLECTIONS,
  7. unsecured personal loans (not payday loans),
  8. car repossessions IN COLLECTIONS

Rep: Are you currently in bankruptcy or another debt program or in a program with your creditors?  (MUST be No)

Rep:  If we were able to reduce your debt down and help you become debt free, are you able to make payments towards your debt of at least _$_______ (Must pay $200 for every 10k owed) Must say yes

Rep: Great, in order for you to be informed of the whole program and its details, I need you to speak to a consultant. Can you spare at least 5 minutes to talk to a consultant so that they can explain how the program works? Must say yes-MUST have time to talk. If they don’t want to talk to Consultant – Go to Courtesy Close